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Asha Rehabilitation Center

treatment plan

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28 days Treatment plan

Treatment plan

The treatment will be an inpatient program of 28 days.

The program will include detoxification, Individual and family counseling,

Yoga, Group therapy, Relaxation training, Physical exercise

Educational talks, Seminars on Personality development, Stress and Anxiety management.

Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step recovery program will be initiated.

Regular attendance, at Alcoholic Anonymous 12 step meetings, will also be encouraged.



Sharing and individual A/c rooms.

Furnished and Spacious Accommodation,

Nursing care and doctors on call

Dietician prepared Veg / non Veg diet

Psychiatric, Psychological, and

Counseling  services, will be provided.

Yoga and meditation

Piped music in all rooms

Television and Video rooms

Indoor games Table Tennis, Carom

Badminton, Shuttle games

Gym facilities

Laundry services

Sauna, masseur, Mud bath in arrangement with Nature Care.

Accommodation facilities for visiting Family members during the treatment

Our Medical Practice* Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234

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